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For patients coping with tooth loss in San Francisco, dentures and partial dentures offer a worry-free solution to an enduring full smile that you can depend on.

Our dentists have special training in Swissedent Completely Natural Dentures — the most comfortable and attractive dentures available. When you come to us for your dentures and partial dentures in San Francisco, you can rest assured you’re getting the best dental care and product there is.

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What are dentures and partial dentures?

Dentures are a set of artificial teeth that are made to fit comfortably over the gums to replace lost teeth. Customized to fit each patient, our dentures are designed to look and fit as naturally as possible, so no one needs to know you’re wearing dentures but you!

While dentures are designed as a remedy to total tooth loss, partial dentures are for patients with some remaining teeth.

Specifically designed to fit around existing teeth, partial dentures are made with artificial teeth attached to a dental bridge that fits into place, seamlessly filling out the patient’s smile.

Other benefits of dentures:

  • Aids in chewing and digestion
  • Improve the overall appearance of teeth
  • Prevent facial muscles from sagging
  • Never have to worry about future dental work

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Why choose Dentures?

Dentures have been successfully increasing the health and appearance of patients for generations.

Not only do dentures have the obvious transformative effect of increasing the overall appearance of one’s teeth — they also play an important role in fleshing out the structure of the face, which diminishes the appearance of aging. Dentures are a convenient and dependable option for patients suffering from moderate to severe tooth loss that cannot get implants.

The Dentures Procedure

In order to be properly fit for your dentures, your dentist will take a thorough digital impression of your existing teeth and gums. Based on the health and quantity of your existing teeth, you will be fit for either dentures or partial dentures.

In some cases, remaining teeth will need to be removed in order to fit the dentures comfortably and securely over the gums. Your unique set of dentures or partial dentures will be designed to look completely natural and fit you comfortably. Once your dentures are ready and your teeth and gums have completely healed from any necessary tooth removal, you’re ready to try out your brand new smile! You and your dentist will make any necessary adjustments to make sure your dentures or partial dentures fit you just right.

After The Procedure

Getting used to your dentures may take some time, but San Francisco dentures patients generally feel comfortable in their new teeth in just a matter of days or weeks.

The more you wear your dentures, the more the muscles in your mouth will be trained to accommodate them, and over time they’ll feel as natural as your real teeth! Some dentures patients may require the use of adhesives to keep their dentures secure. Talk to your dentist in San Francisco about the many options for comfortable and durable adhesives.

Care for your dentures as if they were your real teeth and they’ll stay perfect forever. Brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and keep them in mild water when not in use.

To learn more about your options for dentures or partial dentures in San Francisco, call our office today.

“I can't say enough about Dr. Baysac and her team. Thank you for taking such good care of me and for being honest, trustworthy and treating me like a member of your family!"
“I am very pleased and happy with my service at this dental office. Dr. Baysac is an exceptional dentist who cares so deeply about her patient comfort and satisfaction.”
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“Everyone in Dr Baysac's office are not only professional, but friendly as well. They are consistent, caring and kind and I would recommend them to anyone in San Francisco!”
“I'm confident in my dental and periodontal care. And I always have positive experiences. This is a professional, caring, communicative, and competent group. ”
“Dr. Baysac and all of the other staff here have always made me feel comfortable and I have never been dissatisfied with their work. I recommend them for anyone with work to be done, big or small.”
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